Republicans are being censored, I want it stopped !

We are losing this country.

What happened to President Trump over the last 4 years has sickened me to my very core. 

He was subjected to a full court press of delegitimizing attacks, from threats to rape his wife, to attacks on the mental health of his son, to non-stop attacks on his every action. Everything he was able to do for us, from the largest reform to our tax code since Ronald Reagan to Negotiating better trade deals, he was attacked, often for no reason.

I believe Trump was genuinely looking out for the best interests of America, which make me think those attacking him were not. They were looking out for the best interests of themselves. Trump was the only President in recent memory to not start a new war and the US economy was the strongest it had ever been, what else can we ask of a President? 

I believe the government's job is protect our rights, that is it. It should NOT be redistributing wealth, engaging in social justice, paying the bills of foreign countries, or picking winners and losers in the economy. I believe Trump unlike most other career politicians saw this. The big government types, that believe in top down one-size-fits all mandates, hated Trump's hands off approach to our day to day lives. Since the ideals themselves were widely held, they resorted to attacking him personally. For if Trump does something right, it would be they, the big government worshippers, were wrong. And if there is anything a bureaucracy does well, its protecting itself. Anymore it looks like Colleges, Big Tech, and the News Media, are joining that bureaucracy. This scares me, and should scare us all. 




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