Born in Oregon, Nic Haag strove to excel at everything he did, from making it to Eagle Scout, to signing up with the Marines shortly after he could legally drive.  In the Corps, Nic was trained as a Cyber Intelligence Specialist and Advance Morse Code Operator. Starting out his career in the Marines in Mid-2004 Nic found himself right in the heart of the Iraq war shortly after reporting to Camp Lejeune, NC. It was at Camp Lejeune that Nic met his now wife Brandi, a Wilmington, NC native. While in Iraq during the 2008 presidential election cycle, Nic first learned of Congressman Dr. Ron Paul. Dr. Paul's writings and speeches on free markets and limited government really stuck with the 20 year old Nic, paving the wave for his insatiable thirst for knowledge about freedom and liberty. After two deployments to Fallujah with 2nd Radio Battalion, Nic reenlisted and was assigned to the National Security Agency, in San Antonio Texas.


While at the NSA, Nic saw firsthand the over reach of government and intrusion upon citizens’ rights. While excelling at his position, even earning an achievement award from the Director of the NSA, Nic was not happy with what he was being asked to do. His next assignment was at the Headquarters of the Marine Corps in Quantico, VA, just south of Washington DC. Now a Staff Sergeant, entrusted with high level decisions regarding the defense of the Marine Corps worldwide computer network, Nic saw Washington politics in action. Things such as: projects purposely sabotaged to justify larger budgets elsewhere, certain contracts granted solely due to personal connections, and civil servants driving quarter-million dollar cars. Washington politics, Nic believed, was destroying American values, and he would no longer be a party to supporting such actions. Nic left the Marine Corp after serving ten years, and entered the commercial sector of Information Security, dedicated to protecting people from those who attempt to exploit them.


Nic is married with three sons and resides in Denver, NC. He currently works as a Cybersecurity expert, Consulting with major companies regarding Cyber Defense. 


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