Rooting out Government Corruption

I can not be the only that wonders how politicians get elected from the middleclass and end up as millionaires within a few terms?


Its often brought up, but no one ever actually looks into the root of where all this money comes from, why not? We have also seen the close relatives and children of politicians somehow wind up with do-nothing executive level jobs at major companies at home and over seas, all while holding no credentials or experience that would indicate they are qualified. 

As we saw with the passage of the CARES Act in late 2020, which gave each American $600 in COVID stimulus money, a substantial chunk of that bill contained aid money to foreign governments, most of which hate Americans. Why cant we let them hate us for free? 

The insistence that we give other countries this money make me personally wonder what is in it for the politicians pushing so hard for it? As is now obvious with the Clinton Foundation, we had a career politicians running a "charity" that took donations from foreign countries which took US foreign aid, and then it was donated back to the Clinton family as a contribution to their foundation. Which they were allowed to use as they saw fit, six-figure salaries for friends and family, private jets, and an extremely lavish lifestyle, all without having to work.

Is this why politicians push so hard for foreign aid? Even in the middle of pandemic when millions of Americans are suffering and our national debt is skyrocketing? 

 This needs to be investigated and outlawed. 


Re-opening the economy & never shutting it down again


We are all familiar with what the government did to our economy in their various misguided responses to COVID. Shutting down businesses based on how "essential" politicians thought they were, will no doubt be looked back on as one of the dumber things local government have ever done.

If the goal was to slow the spread of the virus, the number of COVID cases never did illustrate that it worked, if anything it appeared to made things worse. 2,000 cases a day was all doom and gloom, back in May, but now they we regularly are getting 10,000 cases a day, people are basically numb to the reality and are no longer willing to sacrifice, when all their previous sacrifices were apparently meaningless. 

A year later, we are left with some 30% of all small businesses permanently closed, and Wall Street doing better than ever. Towns based on tourism, are now likely going to have to cut firefighters and police just to keep from going bankrupt. To add insult to injury many local counties were saying they cannot shutdown their businesses, as they is how the counties are financially surviving, and only now politicians at the national and state level are waking up to that reality. An "I told you so" now, is a hollow victory. 

Why was the government powerful enough to do this in the first place? If the government can just close our businesses and put us out of work whenever it wants, what is safe? Beside government jobs, of course.

Free Market Economy


A basic free market belief is the government and the economy should be separate. In North Carolina there are a few economic issues that stand out to me as blatantly wrong, issues that I would rectify immediately. Those issues being: occupational licensing schemes, the ABC spirits monopoly, and state sponsored gaming. 



North Carolina has over 50 occupational licensing boards. These boards grant government permission slips for anyone wishing to earn a living in certain industries. Everything from landscape architects and auctioneers to dog groomers and funeral directors, are subject to such licensing requirements. The licensing boards wield tremendous power as they decide how many people in North Carolina are allowed to do a certain job. In several cases the Supreme Court has deemed North Carolina's licensing boards unconstitutional. In one such egregious case, the North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners was sued for antitrust violations by the Federal Trade Commission and lost. The North Carolina Board of Dental Examiners is a group of practicing North Carolina dentists that decide who has permission to be a dentist in the state. This restricts the supply of licensed dentists, as the dentists on the board do not want to approve any new dentists that may move into their territory and poach their customers. North Carolina has in effect created a state sponsored dental cartel. This cartel is then allowed to raise prices much higher than would otherwise exist in a truly competitive marketplace. There are several other industries that are also essentially cartels, like the Midwifery Cartel, Auctioneer Cartel, and Locksmiths Cartel. The Supreme Court declared it illegal for North Carolina licensing boards to be granted the authority to regulate their own competition. Yet North Carolina still maintains this system despite the court order to end it.


Occupational licensing is a thinly veiled scheme at creating monopolistic power to a few entrenchment entities at the expense of free market competition. These entities can charge high prices, offer horrible goods or services, and exploit their customers with impunity, as they know the government can legally limit their competition. If you are the only dentist in town, what incentive do you have to appease your customers? Competition keeps everyone honest, as people can give their business to the best dentist, but North Carolina would prefer to protect political cronies at the expense of our freedom of choice. This is a horrendous perversion of government power and regulatory authority. I will fight to my dying breath to end this anti-American practice. 



The North Carolina ABC commission is another abomination of government authority. North Carolina is one of seventeen states that impose direct government control over the sale of spirits. All spirits purchases in the North Carolina must take place at a locally government operated ABC store. Do we really want the same government responsible for the DMV and the IRS running a retail business? All ABC stores can only be stocked with spirits approved by the state commission, to which distilleries must request permission for consideration.


This is why ABC stores are mainly stocked with generic and national brands. They devote entire walls to name brand flavored vodkas, yet more specialized artisanal spirits are nonexistent. Smaller craft distilleries outside of North Carolina rarely go through the trouble to sell here. In my view, this cripples an entire industry and robs the people of being able to partake in such exotic luxuries.


Why should the people of North Carolina have to choose from the approved government list as to what they can buy? In North Carolina local distilleries are not even allowed to sell their products in their own gifts shops, they have to point people down the street to the ABC store. Tourists visiting for the weekend are in for an even larger shock when they realize that while they can tour and taste craft spirits on Sunday, state laws disallows all sales.


It is my position that the ABC commission is dissolved and the sale of spirits be given the opportunity to enter the free markets. This includes giving local distilleries their autonomy to sell back. All of the states that have done away with state alcohol control boards have experienced no upticks in alcohol related crime and many even bring in more tax revenue. I see no problem with being able to purchase liquor at your local gas station or even in the grocery store. You can buy wine and beer, why not whisky and gin?



Why is gambling illegal for the people, but okay for the government? Gambling should not be illegal at all, who is the government to tell us how to spend what we earn? Why does the government enforce a gaming prohibition yet sponsor the lottery and scratch off tickets? This is a blatant hypocrisy in my view. If revenue generation is the goal, more money could be brought in if we outright legalized all gaming.


Gambling many people believe is a form of entertainment, the government should not be dictating what type of harmless entertainment is allowed. The argument that gambling is addictive, and the government needs to protect people from their own impulses implies the government is your parent. It is not the role of government to protect people from themselves. Much like seat belt laws, we are only truly free, if we are free to make our own mistakes. 

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