Why is Politics a Binary Choice?

Why are there only two main political ideologies? There are over 175 craft breweries in NC, yet all of our elected officials are from just two ideologies. Choice is a great thing, just look at the corner of business 16 and hwy 73. We have four different fast food burger joints, soon to be five grocery stores, and the ABC store sells half a dozen brands of apple flavored whiskey. It would seem that people like to have several options, not everyone drives the same car, eats the same food, or even watches the same shows on TV. Yet when it comes to whom we elect to govern our lives, we only get two options, if we’re lucky?

Another drawback in our political system is that it’s all-or-nothing. You can respect the 2nd Amendment or you can support gay marriage, but not both. You can be anti-war or for lower taxes, but not both. You can medicate with cannabis or you can protest abortions, but not both. There is no option for deviation from the political menu each party offers. You can order everything from menu ‘R’ or everything from menu ‘D’, but you can’t opt out of any item or order ala carte from the other’s menu.

This binary system is why many NC voters appear to be selecting the only other option they know, registering unaffiliated. Between 2006 and 2016 NC grew by a little over one million people. Interestingly enough over that same time period, voters registering unaffiliated increased by roughly the same amount.

It is not very difficult to see why those moving here are registering unaffiliated. Take a look at Eastern Lincoln County, one of the fastest growing areas in the state. Neighborhoods are chocked full of homes flying Ohio, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania college flags. A very large contingent of people moving here seem to be relatively affluent northerners fleeing hostile tax environments back home. These folks, are often perfectly comfortable with the LGBT community, and see recreational Cannabis and alcohol use as perfectly acceptable. Given our binary system, these voters really have no political option that supports their fiscally conservative, socially liberal lifestyles. Who do you vote for when both options are against your own best interests?

Luckily, in NC there is another choice, the Libertarians. Libertarian is the only ideology that respects everyone’s right to keep their money and still have their social freedoms. If helping the poor is important to you, then donate your own money. If you don’t believe in gay marriages, don’t attend one. If you don’t like guns, don’t buy one. If you don’t like Cannabis, don’t smoke it. Don’t take away the freedoms of others and they won’t take away your freedoms.

Why not give Libertarians a try? If you get tired of having too much money and freedom, you can always go back to choking down an establishment party’s entire menu.

#Libertarian #unaffiliated #EconomicFreedom #socialfreedom #choice

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